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About Us


Don Cookson and Susan Mullaney realized their dream to "retire" to a working farm in rural Maine in 2010.  They moved from Massachusetts after successful careers in marketing consulting. Both spent their childhoods on their respective grandparents' farms and loved the challenges that happen everyday on a working farm. They continue to do some marketing consulting for select clients as well as enjoying their life as "hobby farmers" and indulging their love of animals.

Why Maple Shade Farm?


We're loving the farm life out here!


People often wonder why two successful marketers want to spend their later years taking on the hard physical work of running a working farm.  It's simple.  We've come full circle back to the simpler lifestyle of our youth. We are part of a tiny community made up of some of the most caring, big hearted people we've ever met. Farm people are real, no pretense folk. Animals are honest and amazing creatures who teach us so much every day. As some pundit once wrote, "He who rests, rots." We love having the time to just enjoy the beauty of the seasons in an unspoiled place like rural Maine.

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