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Our Programs


We offer the opportunity on an appointment basis to visit the farm and learn about farm life and animal care. Whether you are an animal science major at U Maine or other university, a 4H group, Girl Scout or Boy Scout troop, or just a lover of animal, we are happy to share our knowledge and love of animals.



We can provide the opportunity for Animal Science majors or interested high school students to get hands on experience in animal care and farm management. Please contact us to discuss your interests and availability.

Critters & Kids 


Learning about how to care for a family pet is an important means for learning responsibility. We offer 4H, Girl Scout and Boy Scout Groups the opportunity to visit the farm and learn about the animals and their care. We can also handle other small groups of 4-5 children with adult supervision. Contact us to make arrangements.

Offsite Visits


We are available to come to classrooms, 4H, Boy Scout or Girl Scout meetings to discuss animal care.  We will bring several of our rabbits to demonstrate. Please contact us to discuss your interest and requirements. 

We are also willing to visit nursing homes and special needs programs to bring the rabbits to the clients.

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